December 4, 2016

Multi Tool Reviews

Without doubt oscillating multi-tools are right up there with routers as one of those tools that, once you’ve bought one, you start thinking How did I ever live without this? Invented by Fein over 25 years ago and now produced by every major tool manufacturer, multi-tools are popular because of their incredible versatility – in short, they make difficult jobs easy.

Fein FMM 350Q

Fein FMM 350Q TOP 2014 Multimaster Top Review

Fein invented the oscillating multi-tool more than 45 years ago and has sold millions of units worldwide. They recently came out with their latest generation multi-tool, the FMM 350 Q Top 2014 Multimaster. It’s been developed for professional use and the major difference from the previous generation tool can be seen in the name—the FMM 350 Q features a more powerful 350W motor, compared to the 250W motor of the older models.


Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Review

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top is the latest of the 250W oscillating multi-tools from Fein, the inventor of the oscillating multi-tool. The Multimaster FMM 250Q is a tough, versatile, reliable, powerful and accurate tool and continues to be the tool of choice for professionals and other demanding users who are willing to pay for the best in class. If you like to have the best, the FMM 250Q Top should be on your list.